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About the eTutorium project

eTutorium – a project based on the experience
in e-learning business

In 2008

We started as developers and tutors of webinars and training courses for accountants and finance professionals. A year later, we realized that, in order to achieve success in the field of e-learning business, we need our own, more advanced platform for online education. We have created it, providing it with all necessary functions and guaranteeing ourselves an excellent technical performance. At the same time, we were are actively promoting our development on the online education market and improved it, taking into account the needs of online tutors.

2015 year

This year became for us a year of new beginnings. We launched the eTutorium project, which combines an updated multi-functional eTutorium Webinar platform and the eTutorium Academy – the Academy of professional and well-known tutors.

We know the specifics of online teaching very well, because we have been working in this field since 2008. We know that performing in front of a “live” audience is something completely different from presenting yourself in front of a web camera. We are paying much attention of the constant development of our tutors. We have achieved high success in building our own system of e-learning business and now we would like to share our experience with you.

What did it start from?

2008 год Запуск проекта Финансовая Академия «Актив»

Creating our own webinar platform

At that time, none of the platform was
able to solve all the problems faced by our online education platform. This is why we have created our own functional webinar platform –

2010 год Выход на рынок e-learning бизнеса

Launching the eTutorium project

The project combined the updated eTutorium Webinar platform and the eTutorium Academy – the Academy of tutors where we share our experience and knowledge in the area of online education.

Launching the „Aktiv” Financial Academy project

Development and implementation of
online courses and webinars for accountants and
financial specialists

1 500+
conducted webinars

practical online courses

2 500+
graduates annually

2009 год Создание собственной площадки вебинаров

Entering the market of e-learning business

We have analized the needs of e-learning business and understood that our platform will become
an excellent solution for Russian online tutors.
Those days, every month there are more than 1500 webinars
conducted on our platform.

2015 год Запуск проекта eTutorium


The eTutorium team consists from strong and ambitious superheroes, who aim to destroy all those boring webinars, low quality of sound, and “freezing” images. We regularly save the planet of tutors from technical problems and the indifference of audience and uncover the secrets of building a successful e-learning system.

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