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Service user
We have been using your platform to conduct webinars for over a year. Its interface and functions meet our expectations and are acceptable for this format of education. All technical issues are solved operatively. We get qualified answers on every question! Comfortable conditions of cooperation are the key to success. We plan to continue to use your services and develop ourselves in the field of online education. Webinars are simply great!
Y.A. Soloviev
Head of the Center of Additional Professional Education
I am very satisfied with the work of your service, its price and quality. The instructions are clear, I rarely face any difficulties, and the technical support team is always ready to help. They solve all my problems within a few seconds. The only negative thing I would like to mention is that last time you forgot to activate my access to webinar, which was paid in advance. But I understand that this can happen to everybody.
Maria Markova
I am very happy to work with you. I like your customer-oriented attitude, reasonable prices, a convenient (particularly for me) option of purchasing a single webinar, without a monthly subscription, and a user-friendly interface of the website. The technical supporters always quickly solve my problems (they are extremely rare and usually depend on the low quality of the Internet). The main qualities of your service that I am the most impressed about are your focus on a client and efficiency. There is only one minus that I notice: no opportunity to download files from presentations in formats that offer better quality than png.
Sibiriak Maxim Dimitrievich
user of the service
Webinars are a great thing! If you consider yourself an expert in your field, you can organize your own paid webinar, invite participants, and earn not bad money while sharing your knowledge online. If you become better and better in conducting webinars, you can easily increase their prices or conduct individual online training courses. I have been engaged in conducting webinars for my team in the field of online business myself, so I know what I am saying. In order to attract the maximum number of participants, choose an attractive and interesting topic of your webinar. People attend such events to receive unique knowledge; nobody is interested in listening to you quoting an article or a book.
Business tutor
I am an experienced tutor and I know that the secret to a successful webinar lies in preparation. All the material that you want to share with your audience must be clearly structured. Your task is not just to bring people together to a specific webinar, but also make them come back to you again. You need to interested them. Do not be afraid, webinars are easy. They only force you to develop constantly. According to my observations, only people who want to learn something attend webinars. And during offline meetings you can often meet people who attend them just for social communication, for company. Therefore, your webinar can easily get attention from demanding audience, which will be truly interested in what you want to say.
Sergey Nikolaevich
Service user
I have been using webinars for business meetings a few months already. There is no need to gather everybody in one office and force employees to come to work anymore – we choose time and just connect with each other. During the webinar we can discuss work issues, present reports, statistics and create new challenges – in a word, there are no restrictions.
Olga Kovaleva
Webinars have become to me an important reason to change the area of my professional activity. I was working as a school psychologist, but always felt that it was not enough. My knowledge in psychology has been constantly increasing, I was successfully conducting numerous observations, experiments, and tests, which I would like to share. I wanted to offer training courses in psychology, teaching the basics of psychology, showing people how to cope with difficulties, problems, and so on. But I did not know where to start – it was necessary to look for a room where I could organize such a meeting. And then I have found the platform. The idea of conducting online training courses made me forget about the fear of failure. As a result, I quickly changed my job and I am currently successfully organizing and conducting online training courses, workshops, and lectures.
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